The Governors’ policy is to give priority to children from committed Christian* families.  The number of intended admissions each year to Year 7 is 270.  All pupils are admitted without reference to ability or aptitude except in the case of applicants to the sixth form to take GCE Advanced Level courses.

Admission Criteria

In the event of the number of applicants exceeding the number of places available, the following criteria will be used by the governors in order to discriminate between applicants.

The Governing Body abides by the requirements of Section 324 of the Education Act 1996 in respect of children with Special Educational Needs.

Looked after children or previously looked after children (a ‘looked after child’ is defined as one who is in the legal care of a Local Authority) who have a letter from a Church official confirming their involvement in worship in a Christian Church will be offered places first.

Thereafter the Governors will discriminate between applicants using:

1.    How regularly and frequently the child attends weekly worship at a Christian Church*
2.    How regularly and frequently one parent attends weekly worship at a Christian Church*
3.    The number of years the child’s attendance at Church has sustained
4.    The number of years the parent’s attendance at Church has sustained

(Weekly worship excludes school assemblies or acts of worship taking place as part of the school day)

*  Please note that the Governors have defined ‘Christian Church’ as being any church in membership of, or sharing the statement of belief (‘the Basis’) of ‘Churches Together in England’.  A list of members of Churches Together in England can be found at www.churches-together.org.uk

Information must be provided by an authorised Church official, usually the Parish Priest/Minister.  Points are awarded according to each criterion and when the total has been calculated for each child, the Governors will allocate places to those children reaching the appropriate qualifying ‘score’.  This is the point at which 270 pupils can be admitted.  This ‘score’ varies from year to year as it is dependent upon the number of applications received and the nature of the Church affiliation of the year’s applicants, so it cannot be determined before all applications have been processed.

Should a situation occur where either:
(i)    offering places to all of a group of applicants on a particular point score takes us over our established admissions number or,
(ii)    all remaining candidates have zero points and the intake is not yet full;

then a lottery will be drawn as a tie-break.  This will be carried out by the Chairman of Admissions Committee or his nominee and in the presence of an independent scrutineer.


Once all sections of our application form have been completed, the parent should send it to the Head (envelope marked ‘Admissions’) to reach him by Monday 11th November 2013 at the latest.  We look forward to receiving your application.

The School was over-subscribed for admission in September 2013. The ‘cut-off’ point score was 252 this was out of a maximum
total of 500 (i.e. applicants who had less than 252 points would not have been offered a place) in 2013.
After the March 2013 offer day, as places in the school were declined, 11 further places were offered to those on the waiting list.
There were 6 appeals for the school, 2 were upheld, 4 were refused.


In the event of parents being refused a place for their child, they have the right of appeal to an independent panel.  Information explaining how to appeal will be sent should your application be unsuccessful.  Repeat applications within the same academic year will not be considered unless there has been a significant change in circumstances.