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A message from the Acting Headteacher May 2019

A warm welcome to everyone. This is an exciting and important time for us as a school. We have just celebrated our Founders Day down at the Parish Church. At this service we give thanks for the vision of Canon James Slade, who founded the school in 1855 when he was Vicar of Bolton. He recognised the need for a good quality education for the people of Bolton. Initially the school was next to the Parish Church and was known as the Bolton Church Institute. The school was renamed in his honour when it moved here to Bradshaw in 1955.
We have also held our annual Celebration Service for Year 11, where they had a buffet lunch followed by a service to celebrate their five years at Canon Slade. We saw how much some of them had changed since Year 7, when form pictures from then were shown along with a current picture of the group! The students were presented with their Records of Achievement, by our guest, Ashley Fletcher. Ashley is a former student who now plays for Middlesborough FC and has shown great effort and determination to make a success as a professional footballer.

As those of you who have visited the school recently, work is well on the way for our new teaching block, which will provide us with 11 extra classrooms. After what seems to have been a long time, we can now see the building taking shape, with the support structure and floors already in place. The frame for the dining room extension is also in place. It has also been busy at the back of the school with work taking place to provide new Tennis courts to replace those that are being built on. Our Synthetic pitch has been completely resurfaced thanks to a generous donation in memory of Carol Barlow who was well known in Bolton Hockey circles along with a grant from Sport England.

As an Academy we have been able to bid for “Condition Improvement Funding” to help maintain our buildings in good condition. We were fortunate to have both our bids accepted and we are to receive an additional £720,000 this year. The first bid was to replace all the old single glazed windows and frames in B Block and the second is to replace all the fire doors with new ones.
The examination season has now started so we wish Year 11 and Year 13 all the best in their examinations. Year 11 have been given additional dedicated revision sessions during this period, so that they can make best use of the expertise of the staff whilst they are in school and not in an examination. All year 11 students have access to GCSEPod which has a variety of revision materials, covering the majority of our subjects. We hope to see many of year 11 joining us in the sixth form in September. We hope that year 13 are successful in their examinations so that they can begin the next chapter in their lives, whether that be at University, as an Apprentice or in Employment.

The CSA are again holding Bags2School on May 17th so please donate any items you can.

Thank You.

David Lever
Acting Headteacher

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