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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work

 Mental Health and Wellbeing

Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our students, staff and wider community is so important to ensure a happier and healthier environment for all. 

As a school and community we work all year round to share the tools and strategies we all need to cope with the emotional challenges we all face in life in a safe and supportive environment. 

We have teams around school that support students - Form Tutors, Pastoral team, Safeguarding team, Chaplaincy team, and SEND team, as well as all our staff around school. We also work closely with local agencies to provide the relevant support such as the Mental Health Service Team and counsellor.

Throughout the year we raise awareness and money with students and staff participating in events such as:


#BeeWell Programme

The #BeeWell survey in Greater Manchester (GM) was created in collaboration with young people in 15 pathfinder schools across the city-region. This was important to understand what wellbeing means to young people, what factors influence their wellbeing and what makes them thrive. These workshops were combined with inputs from a Questionnaire Advisory Group of mental health professionals, healthcare representatives, education experts, parents, teachers, and young people, amongst others, to inform the themes covered by the questionnaire.  

In 2022 our Year 9 and 10 students took part in the anonymous survey with our current year 10 students participating in 2023. Canon Slade School uses the results of the survey to help students have positive mental health and good well-being.   


The Survey

  • Parents/carers are asked to opt out if they do not wish their child to participate
  • Students also have the option to opt out if they do not wish to participate
  • The survey is completed online
  • Pupils access the survey using a unique password (provided by #BeeWell)
  • Before they answer the questions, pupils will read some information about the

survey and confirm that they’re happy to proceed (this is embedded in the online

survey, the content is available on the #BeeWell website)

  • The survey takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete
  • Pupils can choose not to answer any question


The #BeeWell Survey has two distinct sections that together reflect what young people have told us matters most to them: the Domains and Drivers of Wellbeing.

Three Domains:

  • Meaning, Purpose and Control
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Emotions


Six Drivers:

  • Health and Routines
  • Hobbies and Entertainment
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Environment and Society
  • Future

The measures and items used in the survey have been identified through the academic literature and UK cohort studies and evaluated in terms of psychometric properties and accessibility.


Bekind to my mind 

Bekindtomymind is a Bolton campaign to help reduce the stigma around mental health. The local message to children and young people who are struggling with their mental health is that "it's ok to talk!"

We have recruited Bekindtomymind champions throughout all age ranges to help promote the campaign and also run activities in school to help their peers with their mental health and wellbeing.

The Bekindtomymind has resources for young people as well as parents/carers



Mental Health First Aiders

A number of staff have received training to become mental health first aiders enabling them to be more aware of mental issues that affect our young people. Our mental health first aiders are identified by their yellow lanyards and are available for our students to talk to when they need.


Mental Health First Aiders 



Via Bolton Together, iThrive can help the mental health and wellbeing for students aged 2-19 (25 years for young people with SEND). They are able to access a range of services such as Bolton lads and Girls Club, Breaking Barriers North West, The Proud Trust amongst others.



World Mental Health Day

To celebrate this day staff demonstrate to students what they do to help their mental health. Information is shared with staff and students on the variety of techniques and resources that are available when needed. 

World Mental Health Day 2023


Children’s Mental Health Week

A range of activities are provided within this week to help students look after their own mental health and wellbeing. They can learn new skills, sit and read in quiet time, play a sport, sing with the Chaplain, do yoga and mindfulness techniques to name but a few. All the activities are free and are open to all students and staff.

We also look more closely at mental health in PSHE lessons and in assemblies as well as workshops with our Mental Health Service Team.

Children's Mental Health Week



Throughout all the year groups students learn a variety of skills, techniques and knowledge surrounding mental health and wellbeing. A variety of helpful   


Mental Health Support Team

Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) are designed to provide Early Intervention and Prevention support to children and young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties and generally support the emotional wellbeing culture of schools.

Each team is made up of Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs), Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners (senior clinicians, higher-level therapists)

Their core functions are:

  • To deliver evidence-based interventions for mild-to-moderate mental health issues
  • To support the senior mental health lead to introduce or develop their whole school approach
  • To give timely advice to school and college staff, and liaise with external specialist services to help children and young people to get the right support and stay in education.

Heads of Year and the Senior Mental Health Lead can refer to the Mental Health Support Team for students who they feel would benefit from this service.


Anti Bullying Ambassadors

We have a group of students who have volunteered to be Anti Bullying Ambassadors and have received their training via the The Diana Award scheme. They are working with students and staff alike to ensure a safe environment for all in school.

Their first task was to challenge the word ‘Snitch’ to encourage students to be able to come forward without any stigmatisation. They presented to staff in our whole school briefing and asked us to help them to do this.  

We all look forward to the work they will do in and around Canon Slade School. 


Therapy Dog


To help our students on a daily basis, or in times of need, we have our own therapy dog, Hugo. If students feel anxious or are upset they are able to come and spend some time with Hugo so that he can work his magic. He is extremely gentle and loves to play so his personality really help students to calm their anxieties and focus on something else. 


Students are responsible for feeding, bathing and taking Hugo for walks so they also learn how to look after pets and be responsible. 



Black History Month

Here at Canon Slade School we celebrate diversity and inclusivity throughout the year. For Black History Month we celebrated by showing the vast array of Black History throughout all of our curriculum areas. The Uganda Choir came to sing and showcase their wonderful music.


Rep your Roots

On this day, we invite pupils and staff to come to school dressed in something that represents their ‘roots’, wherever that might be in the world. We have the privilege of serving pupils with ethnic roots from all over the globe, who collectively have knowledge of over 37 different languages! We feel that this will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the diversity that exists in Canon Slade School, while still recognising that we are all part of one school family.

Pupils and staff are invited to come to school in either:

  • An element of national dress (e.g. clothes made using African wax print fabric or Scottish tartan)
  • National sports kit (e.g. England rugby shirt)
  • Colours of their national flag

We take this opportunity to have a collection for two charities: in 2022 charities were Urban Outreach and World Vision. We also asked for recipes from around the world and students to try foods from all over the globe.


Mylife in Bolton

If you don't already know about MY LIFE IN BOLTON you might want to take a look (link below). It is a directory of services and resources you might find helpful. You can search a word- e.g. mental health and it will bring you up mental health services that are available.

 Mylife in Bolton

Kooth can provide young people in Bolton with mental health support without the usual wait times. It also provides a variety of tools and activities 24/7, 365 days a year.

This is a free service commissioned to work with young people in Bolton 11-25, providing anonymised support. To find out more please register on one of the Eventbrite dates, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Email: or for further information


Useful Tools and Websites


Calm Harm


How We Feel

Clear Fear


Websites:  0808 802 5544 (Parents Helpline) 85258 (text the word 'shout')


Every student and member of staff have access to a variety of helpful websites for a range of mental health and well-being issues. These can be accessed 24/7 by using our Teams software. 


You are able to follow Canon Slade School  on X @CS_Wellbeing @CanonSlade