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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
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Politics - A Level

What does the course aim to do?

  • Enables you to acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of psychological theories, approaches, concepts, core studies and research methods.
  • Enables you to acquire and develop skills of analysis, interpretation and evaluation.
  • Enables you to design and report psychological investigations and analyse and interpret data.
  • Develop your understanding of different areas and applications of Psychology.

What will I be studying?

You will study the AQA specification at A level, which includes the following core topic areas:
Approaches, Memory, Attachment, Social Influence, Psychopathology, Biopsychology, Issues and Debates and Research Methods.

A number of option topics are also studied:

Schizophrenia, Forensic Psychology and Gender.

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1 – Social Influence, Memory, Attachment & Psychopathology – 2 hour exam (33% of A level)

Paper 2 – Approaches, Biopsychology & Research Methods – 2 hour exam (33% of A level)

Paper 3 – Issues and Debates & Options – 2 hour exam (33% of A level)

Am I suited to this subject?

As Psychology is a scientific subject you will be required to write clearly and concisely, present a reasoned argument using many and varied evidences, understand data and statistical analysis, know how to plot and read graphs and address the scientific nature of Psychology. It is therefore important that you have good essay writing skills and also be a competent mathematician.

Where will it lead in the future?

Psychology is an extremely popular subject to study at University. It is also useful for those who are considering careers in teaching, nursing, social work, health, business, and forensics.

How will I study?

You will be expected to work independently and in groups, making use of textbooks, class notes and the VLE.

What will I need to do myself?

You must be prepared to spend time reading and revising regularly. You will also be expected to keep your notes in order, up-to-date and accept that Psychology is not an easy option. It is a scientific discipline and includes the study of the brain and nervous system as well as a large element of mathematics and statistics. An online digital text book is available for you to use in addition to your class notes.

Why should I come to Canon Slade to study Psychology?

  • 100% pass rate in the new linear examinations with students achieving over 50% A*-B grades in summer 2017.
  • Experienced specialist teacher.
  • Subject based classroom with many specialist resources.
  • Class size usually of no more than 20.
  • Enrichment opportunities such as visits to the Freud Museum in London, Chester Zoo and Psychology Conferences, as well as visiting speakers.