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Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
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English Literature - A Level

What does the course aim to do?

The course aims to encourage candidates to develop their interest and enjoyment of literary studies through reading widely, independently and critically. Throughout the course candidates will develop and apply literary analysis and evaluation skills to a range of texts from different genres and centuries. Exploring the contexts of the texts they are reading and others’ interpretations of them will be an integral part of the course.

What will I be studying?

There are 4 components to be completed for the A Level course. Three are exam based assessments, and one is assessed via coursework.

Component 1: Poetry (30% of qualification)

Written examination: 2 hours – open book

Section A: Pre-1900 from a prescribed list

Section B: Post-1900 from a prescribed list

Component 2: Drama (30% of qualification)

Written examination: 2 hours – closed book

Section A: Shakespeare – one play from a prescribed list.

Section B: One pre – 1900 text and one post-1900 text from a prescribed list

Component 3: Unseen Texts (20% of qualification)

Written examination: 2 hours

Section A: Analysis of an unseen passage of prose, taken from one of two periods for study

Section B: Analysis of an unseen poem or poetry extract

Component 4: Prose Study (20% of qualification)

Non- exam assessment

One 2500 – 3500 word assignment on the reading of two prose texts from different periods, one pre-2000 and one post-2000, nominated by Canon Slade teachers

How will I be assessed?

The Prose Study will be completed in year the summer term of year 12.
The examination units will be assessed in June of year 13.

Am I suited to this subject?

The subject will appeal to students looking for natural progression from GCSE English Literature who wish to develop further appreciation and enjoyment of the subject based on an informed personal response to a range of texts.

Where will it lead in the future?

English Literature is one of the most widely regarded A Level subjects and can be combined with most others offered in the Sixth Form. It provides a suitable foundation for the study of English Literature or any arts or social science degree and also offers “breadth” to those taking scientific subjects.

What will I be required to do throughout the course?

You will be expected to annotate texts in detail and to take part in lively debate and discussion. In addition, you will complete regular study assignments in a selection of texts, as well as being expected to sustain a substantial reading programme. An essay or other written assignment will be set every week. You will also undertake independent research on topics related to your texts and deliver spoken presentations on your research in class. Outside of lessons, you will be expected to reread texts and undertake independent study by following up lines of enquiry that arise in class discussion.

Why should I come to Canon Slade to study English Literature?

All staff teaching English Literature A level are highly qualified and have many years’ experience teaching this subject. They have high expectations of all students and encourage them to develop a lifelong love of literature and a real enthusiasm for this challenging academic discipline.