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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work

KS5 Results

KS5 Results 2019 - Advanced level qualifications (Level 3)

Progress Score (All)  0.08
Progress Score (Disadvantaged) 0.43
Average Points Result  34.71
Percentage of students completing their main study program  96.7
Percentage achieving AAB or higher including at least 2 facilitating subjects   18
Points for a student's best 3 A-Levels 34.94

KS5 Results 2019 - Academic qualifications (inc. A Levels)

Progress Score (All)  0.07
Progress Score (Disadvantaged) 0.37
Average Points Result  34.72
Percentage of students achieving A Level Maths  35.2

KS5 Results 2019 - Applied general (Vocational)

Progress Score (All)  0.64
Progress Score (Disadvantaged) 0.37
Average Points Result  32.98
Average Result Distinction

Students who require it can also retake their English and Maths GCSE between the end of KS4 and the end of the 16-18 phase of education. The English and Maths Progress results in our 16-18 phase for 2019 have been suppressed and are not available due to the low number of students in need of GCSE retakes.

These performance measures are not current

Previous Results

You can find a summary of our results and compare them to previous years via the schools performance comparison website using the following link:

Results for 2017-2019