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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work


The Canon Slade Trust

The Board of Trustees are part of the Canon Slade family and have the responsibility of running the affairs of the Trust which includes the land on which the school is built, the playing fields, the wood beyond the playing fields and the letting of any part of the school or land.

The Board of Trustees is made up as follows:

The Board is made up of an Ex-officio Managing Trustee (the Vicar of Bolton), Nominated Managing Trustees and Co-opted Managing Trustees. The Nominated Managing Trustees include trustees appointed by the local borough council and by the University of Manchester. The Co-opted Managing Trustees are appointed for their expertise in various areas of business or education. Some trustees are also on the school's Governing Body.

The aim and objectives of the Trust are to support the school in whatever way is appropriate.

The Trustees are responsible for the management of the various funds and investments and support the school, where appropriate, to enhance the facilities and resources available to the pupils. This is usually in those areas where Central Government or Local Authority funding is not available.

There have been a variety of projects undertaken over the last 25 years which have greatly benefitted the school as well as the local community who have access to the school for evening and weekend use of the facilities. The Trustees are grateful to the many parents – both past and present – who have supported the school by contributing to the Building Our Future Appeal.

The Trustees also contribute towards the prizes for the ex Year 13 Presentation Evening which is held in December each year when the school welcomes back those pupils who left the 6th form having taken their A level exams in July.

The Trustees are responsible to the Charity Commission for the investments and assets of the Trust and details may be viewed on their web site. A variety of projects have been undertaken by the Trustees over the years. These include the Millennium chapel, the Astroturf, the refurbishment of the swimming pool, new changing rooms, fitness suite, the canopies which afford shelter to the pupils waiting to go in to lunch, equipment for the Technology Department and so on. 

The Trustees are also responsible for the letting of the school facilities to outside organisations and see this as an opportunity to engage with the local community. A variety of different groups hire the facilities and apart from sports clubs there is a yoga group, a Gospel Choir, two swim schools and the Stage School (drama/dance).

The Secretary to the Trust is Mrs Sharon Lewis and all enquiries about any aspect of the work of the Trust and the Trustees as well as the hire of any of the school facilities.

Please contact her on 01204 333343 or Email:

Current Trustees are as follows:


Mrs Clare Lomax (Co-opted)

Vice Chairman: Mr John Burns (Co-opted)

  • Mrs Judith Berry (Co-opted)
  • Mr Sam Calvert (Co-opted)
  • Mr David Cartwright (Co-opted)
  • Professor Christine Dickinson (appointed by the University of Manchester)
  • Mr Paul Dyson (Co-opted)
  • Mr Simon Li (Co-opted)
  • Mr Ian Tomkin (Co-opted)
  • Cllr John Walsh, OBE (appointed by the local Borough Council)
  • Mr G Whalley (Co-opted)

Mrs Karen Sudworth (School Headteacher, School Representative)

Secretary to the Trustees Mrs Sharon Lewis


The Canon Slade Trustees are responsible for the lettings of the school facilities to outside organisations, and see this as an opportunity to engage with the local community.

For more information on lettings please visit the dedicated lettings page on our website via this link:

Facilities for Hire