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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)


Through the study of modern languages, we aim to broaden students’ understanding of the world in which they live, so that they can grow into global citizens; developing expertise in languages and allowing them to become confident communicators. Through the study of ancient languages, we want our students to understand how influences from the past have shaped our world.

Studying a new language also allows students to discover patterns and become more confident in their understanding of the grammar that underpins their own language in a way that is creative, imaginative and relevant to today’s world. Our language learners will explore core concepts that will also develop their transcription and translation, pronunciation and communication skills alongside listening skills, which will in turn strengthen their literacy. Also through the reading of literature in another language, students will experience cultures other than their own.

Most importantly, we aim to foster a love of languages and to create linguists who are independent thinkers and curious to learn more about the world around them.

We carefully plan progression through our curriculum and regularly revisit content and skills to build on prior knowledge. We encourage our students to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, increasing their confidence, fluency and spontaneity and finding different ways to communicate what they want to say. 

For more information on the languages our students can study, please select from the options below.


Curriculum Overview

languages french curriculum map.pdf


Curriculum Overview

languages spanish curriculum map.pdf