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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work



We want to instil a sense of awe and wonder in the world we live. ‘It’s about being able to learn about and name things that are, for many, outside their daily experience’.

To ensure a compelling and effective Geography curriculum, it is first necessary to know something about students’ cultural backgrounds, motivational patterns, and the content of their social learning. Due to the demographic of Canon Slade School we want the curriculum to reflect the diversity of the students, but also to enlighten them on the ever changing world in which they are part of. 

The core concepts in geography are introduced, sequenced and interleaved so as to ensure their effective acquisition, retention and retrieval. This is reinforced through the community and cultural connections that we forge.

As they continue on their journey of Geography, we aim to foster a deep understanding of the subject that develops alongside their geographical skills. Our aim is that our children go on to apply these skills across all subjects, as well as in their futures beyond Canon Slade.

Curriculum Overview

geography curriculum map.pdf