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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work



Canon Slade Art department strive to provide a fully inclusive curriculum which guides pupils with the forum to express themselves visually and understand the world from a different perspective.

Pupils are taught in three specialist areas, Fine Art, Textiles and 3D / ceramics, Art staff are specialists in their areas. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and creative which can move and adapt to individuals, and which we can tailor to groups and needs. We believe that Art and our curriculum allows pupils to express their ideas and emotions, make mistakes as human beings not as numbers or data.  

We believe children learn by experiencing and experimenting with techniques and practicing using a wide range of media.  Therefore, where possible classes rotate and work with another member of staff within an academic year, this will increase the range of Art processes and learning on offer.   

Each year group is provided with opportunities to creatively explore and experiment with ideas, materials and new ways of working. Pupils are provided with opportunities to make their own independent, creative choices when developing their work, with the appropriate level of challenge. Pupils are given the opportunity to analyse artwork from different cultures and contexts and use this information to inform and inspire their own creative journey of ideas and outcomes.

At key stage 3 the Art Department delivers a curriculum which ensures the sequence of lessons builds upon the core skills, allowing pupils to grow through their learning and deepening knowledge at the relevant levels. We focus on skills and developing knowledge of artists and their styles.

At Key Stage 4 we carefully plan and deliver Schemes of Learning that enable pupils to build upon technical and creative skills. Pupils are encouraged to make their own informed choices regarding artist influences, choice of media and development of ideas.

Pupils are encouraged to use facilities and develop their skills at lunch times, this provides time and use of equipment which can cater for individual needs and circumstances.

In year 11 we aim for our pupils to take greater ownership of their creative journey in order to generate more personal, innovative and meaningful visual responses. Pupils are encouraged to believe in striving to do their best, reviewing and refining their work throughout the creative process.

We have links with Bolton University and a number of pupils have had the opportunity to develop skills by working with specialised lecturers at The Art club on a Saturday morning. Pupils have developed skills and enjoyed the creative environment out of school.

At Key Stage 5 emphasis is put upon developing the creative and expressive content of pupil’s own artwork as the course proceeds. Pupils undertake in-depth investigative work. An integral part of the course is for pupils to explore and learn from the art traditions, styles and skills of contemporary and historical artists and art movements.

We hope pupils leave with an appreciation of art and design in the world around us. We want them to have the creative intelligence to be able to communicate, exchange ideas, have an understanding of a broad range of creative careers and have the ability to navigate our highly visual world.

The Learning Journey

art learning journey.pdf

 Assessment Calendar 

 Art and Design Assessments throughout an Academic year

 KEY STAGE 3       YEAR 7,8 and 9

 Art work is assessed each half term, following the Canon Slade marking policy.

 Art work is assessed using the WWW, what went well and EBI even better if   process.

 Pupils review, refine and evaluate their art work in line with the National   Curriculum for Art.

 KEY STAGE 4     YEAR 10 and 11

 Art work is assessed twice each half term, students are awarded levels in line   with GCSE assessment criteria and standards. Art work is assessed using GCSE   assessment criteria at the end of a piece of coursework to ensure understanding   of the Assessment objectives.

 MOCK EXAM EXHIBITION- NOVEMBER AND MARCH – students display their art   work and it is assessed using WWW and EBI, written feedback is given.

 KEY STAGE 5   YEAR 12 and 13

 Art work is assessed at appropriate points within each half term, students   evaluate their own work, building on knowledge to becoming independent   Artists.


 Art Work Examples - What you will learn

Information and examples of student's work

Examples and information by year group