Uniform Requirements and Stockists

What they are and where to get them

The school has adopted a uniform as an outward demonstration of the high standards of personal behaviour and commitment we demand of everyone.  All pupils should wear it with pride and behave in such a way as to bring honour to the school whilst in uniform.

All garments and footwear must be plain.  The school ID badge must be carried at all times and should not be defaced in any way.  No other badges must be worn in school except marks of achievement.

The outer coat may be any colour, but without slogans or pictures**.  Any maker’s motif should be small enough to be covered by the equivalent of a credit card.
Denim or leather coats and tracksuit or hooded tops/sweatshirts/body warmers are not permitted

Pupils must never wear an outer coat instead of blazer/pullover.

Skirt length must fall on the knee of 2.00”inches maximum above the knee.

Whilst we have no desire to curb individuality, we do not expect to see extremes** of hairstyle in school.  Hair should be of a suitable length – number 2 and above – and of a natural hair colour.

Extreme styles such as tramlines/designs and unnatural hair colour will not be allowed. Hair accessories should be minimal. Hair spray/gel has proved to be dangerous when working in laboratories and should not be worn in school.

A wrist watch will be allowed but not any type of smart watch with Bluetooth communication or web enabled facility. No other jewellery is allowed.

Make-up is permitted only from Year 11. (should be lightly applied**). However, fake tan, false eyelashes, drawn on eyebrows, nail varnish, false/gel/acrylic nails, visible piercings or body art are not permitted


P.E. Kit – Additional Items

If pupils wish to wear training pants/mid layer/base layer then they must be Custom Kit Design and can be purchased from all good suppliers.


School uniform suppliers


PSL Custom Kit

426 Blackburn Road
Phone: 0800 999 4322/01204 307204

web: http://www.customkit.com



467a Blackburn Road
Astley Bridge
01204 307382


Murrays Family Clothing

26 Bridge Street
01706 281812


Whittakers Schoolwear

106 Deansgate
01204 389485


Smart Clothing

Shop Units 5,6 & 7
Bolton Market Complex
Blackhorse Street
Bolton  BL1 1SY
01204 392610


** It is for school to make the final decision of matters of uniform and presentation