What our pupils say …

Canon Slade was the best Sixth Form I could have chosen as I know that nowhere else would have given me the support and fantastic opportunities that I received here. From being Head Girl to running societies and working with younger children, there was no end to the things I was able to do, all of which gave me the skills and confidence I needed to be successful and happy in the future.

Jess Haslam

Student, ex-Canon Slade Pupil

Starting in Year 8 was very strange because when I left for the summer I felt as if I was welcome but when I returned to school it felt alien but as the days turned into weeks then into months I felt at home again; this was because I was interacting with the friends I missed and I was enjoying the lessons I loved. Despite the challenges that I felt were in the way my fellow Year 8’s were there every step of the way. This is why Year 8 is such a good year, despite this being my opinion I feel that my fellows would agree

Daniel Guest

Daniel Guest

Pupil, Canon Slade School

Hi, I’m Joshua Cross, 17 and I am studying a level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence. I chose to do this course because it was a new course in which Canon Slade had introduced to their sixth form and it seemed perfect for me.

I have no regrets at all in choosing this course; It has been thoroughly enjoyable as Sport is my passion and what I want to do in my future. This course also gives you brilliant added qualifications such as a First Aid qualification, FA level 1 and 2 qualifications, and with these you can put on your CV which many jobs in sport will want from you and you get them alongside the BTEC Extended Diploma.

Joshua Cross

Student, Sixth Form

In my first year of the BTEC I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying the course. I feel this course has amplified me as a person and I think I have become more confident and outgoing because of it. When I was first signing up for the BTEC course, because it was sponsored by Bolton Wanderers, I thought it was all going to be about football. But this was not the case. On the course you play many sports and do lots of different exercises. One of the units is a Coaching unit, and I was able to coach my sport, rugby. This was a great way to express myself and I really came out of my shell and fell into my comfort zone.

Georgia Cunliffe

Student, Sixth Form

When you think about joining a big high school you think about the downs. You need to think about the highs, the good things you will do and new things you will learn. I was worried before I came, but now I’m here – it feels great. You make new friends, use some awesome technology  and there are lunch time clubs which you can go to in your spare time.

All you need to do is not be worried and just try your best in school.

Elliot Willis year 7

Elliot Willis

Pupil, Canon Slade School