On Sunday, 3rd March 2019 a group of 22 A level Psychology students made the epic journey to Paris to attend the ‘Psychology Live 2019 Conference’. Departing from Manchester in the early morning(!) it was a short flight across the English Channel, landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport before the coach transfer to the ‘Hotel Cheyenne’.

The group checked in to the Western themed Disneyland Paris hotel, before spending the rest of the day exploring the theme parks, and then getting an early night ahead of the conference the next day. Staff and students were up bright and early the next morning (6.45am breakfast!) to attend the conference which was located in the Disney Village.

Students listened to a talk given by Michelle Fletcher, a practising Clinical Psychologist who works for HM Prison Service as a Senior Manager of Psychology and Interventions at HMP & YOI Doncaster. She offered insights into her extensive experience conducting group and individual treatment interventions with offenders with anger and substance misuse issues.

Dr Aaron Balick, who is a psychotherapist and author in the field of mental health, spoke about stress. Dr Balick has written a number of books including a self-help book for children, which is widely used in schools. His talk involved giving students practical strategies for dealing with stress in their lives.

Finally, John Clifford, a Hypnotherapist who specializes in phobias, talked about explanations for, and the treatment of phobias. He also spoke about his work in his private practice as well as when running London Zoo’s Friendly Spider Programme.

After the conference, the group went into the Disney Parks to work their way through the activities in the workbook, before getting something to eat, and then watching the parade and the fireworks display.

It was another early morning on Tuesday, as students were keen to spend the remaining time in Paris picking up souvenirs of their trip, before the start of the journey home. It was nearly 10pm on Tuesday night before the group cleared customs and were reunited with their families.

Ms Wilcock would like to give a big thank you to Revd. Lilley and Mrs Atkinson for supporting the Psychology students and helping make the trip a success!!

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