11 September at 6pm

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to invite you to the Year 12 parents/carers induction meeting which will be held on Wednesday, 11 September in the Chapel at 6pm.

This meeting is intended to ensure that you as parents/carers are fully informed about the next two years of your children’s lives which will be so important both to them and to you.

Special features of the ‘How to be a successful Sixth Form student!’ meeting will include:


  1. General information about the two years ahead.
  2. How you can help equip your child with the necessary skills for A Level/BTEC study.
  3. The importance of curriculum enrichment and extra-curricular activities in university and employment applications.
  4. A brief introduction to aid effective preparation to the more competitive courses and universities.
  5. Further information concerning the examination system at A Level/BTEC.
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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