On Friday the 25th of November, the Canon Slade Christmas fair was held in the hall. My food technology class and I did a bake sale to raise money for the charity Crohn’s and Colitis UK,

It was a lovely evening! Crohn’s and Colitis UK aim at helping people diagnosed with the condition and in time hopefully finding a cure! This charity means a lot to me as I suffer with the illness and I know how hard it can be, especially for young ones. The illness isn’t very well known therefore I wanted to raise money and also awareness of the illness.

We have managed to raise over £200 for the charity by selling cakes which is amazing! I was so pleased with the amount of people who got involved like the sixth form students and also lower years in the school.

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped with this, whether you gave money or made some cakes to be sold. I’d like to thank Caroline Bowers and her family for their generous donation.

I’d also like to thank Madison, Marisa and her Mum, Zayne, Mrs Teasdale and my Mum who were there to support me on the night!


Hannah Feakin

You can read more about the charity and donate on their Just Giving Page for Chrohn’s and Colitis UK here

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Tania and Artur – Baking flickr photo with thanks by Tania & Artur https://flickr.com/photos/taniaho/2340463934 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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