[Back Row left – right] Carol Brooking (P.E. 27 Years), Bev Keating (Food Technology 33 Years), Mary Meredith (English 24 years),
[Front Row left – right] Alan Watson (Chemistry 42 years], John Aldred [History 32 years]

SIX retiring Canon Slade staff prepare to hang up their lanyards for the last time as they mark over 150 years’ service to the School. John Aldred, Carol Brooking, Bev Keating, Mary Meredith, Ann Sweeney and Dr Alan Watson are retiring at the end of term on Friday 22nd July.

Another member of staff who is not on the picture but is also retiring next Friday is Cleaner Ann Sweeney who has worked at Canon Slade for 21.5 years .

Dr Alan Watson has taught at Canon Slade since 1974 but is only the third Head of Chemistry in the history of the school. Mr Mike Vell, a long-serving P.E Teacher and Head of Year, is also moving on from teaching this year after an impressive 25 years.

Mike Vell and Carol Brooking are former pupils.

Alan Mottershead, Head of Canon Slade said:

“When an individual member of staff dedicates most or all of their career and working life to one school, then the community benefits greatly from that investment of their time and energy and skills. This dedication brings stability and continuity, but it also means lasting friendships and abiding loyalty. In times of rapid change and upheaval in education, such commitment is doubly welcome.

Canon Slade School is deeply grateful to the members of staff who have given so many years of outstanding service to the students of our school. We shall miss their good company each day. We wish them most well for a long and healthy and happy retirement.”


A celebration for the group is planned for next Tuesday to honour their commitment and dedication to the teaching and in Ann’s case, the cleaning and maintenance, of the Bradshaw school.


Ex-Student Quotes:

“Mr Aldred was the most engaging teacher in the Sixth Form. He always had a laugh with us but got his point across brilliantly. Anyone who could make studying the Rise of the Third Reich amusing, as well as interesting, gets my vote as a great teacher.”

Dan Wildsmith

 “Mrs Keating – or as our food family affectionately refer to you, Auntie Beverley! Thanks for trying so hard to teach us how to cook – nearly 15 years later and I’m finally getting the hang of it. Enjoy your retirement and relax after the many years of trying to prepare us for the rest of our lives. All your hard work is so appreciated.”



Sam Cass

“Mrs Keating, you stopped a disaster when you spotted me putting my chocolate sponge mix in the microwave in a METAL tin! I have fond memories of Food Technology lessons. I can still hear Dr Watson’s voice when I think back to Science lessons. He was stern, but a great teacher. Good luck to you both in your retirement.”

Sarah Mangnall

remembers some good advice from Head of Girls’ P.E. Mrs Brooking:

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed on the field.”

Nina Makin

(nee Harrison)

 “Mrs Keating was my form teacher for a couple of years and she was the most lovely lady – very supportive and easy to talk to. Best of luck in your retirement!” 


Sue Isherwood

“Now I’m a teacher myself, I realise the effort and dedication Mrs Meredith put into lessons.”

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