The medical careers day was aimed at students in years 11 and 12 who wanted to know more about a career in medicine. We were greeted by the head teacher of Upton Hall School, who gave us a brief overview of the day ahead. The talks that followed that morning taught us about the clinical aptitude tests and the interview process. These talks were presented by Mr Fussey, the head of career education at Eton College, and Dr Tavares, the co-founder of The Medic Portal.

The Medic Portal is an organisation set up to guide applicants through the UKCAT and BMAT.

After a rather delightful lunch in the school’s conservatory, Dr Rashmi Patel talked to us about choosing a medical school and the trainee years that would follow. Dr Lucy Homer, a foundation year doctor, followed this by telling us about the student years as a medic. After a Q&A session, we split up and attended different workshops. The first of these was a student panel, where we were encouraged to ask any questions we had about medical school, and the different routes we could take to get there. There was also a workshop that helped us to begin planning our personal statements, realising the depth required and the importance of the statement to a successful application. The last of the three workshops gave us an insight into life as an ENT surgeon, and we were shown a video of a routine procedure, where we could get an idea for how the surgery is carried out.

The insightful day was ended with a talk on a career in medicine by Professor John Betteridge, Dean of the Royal Society of Medicine, which reminded us of our reasons for choosing medicine.

We would highly recommend the event for prospective medical students who are seriously thinking about taking this career path.


Sarah Giga, Alex Harper and Ross Harrison

With thanks, Featured photo shared by surroundsound5000 under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license

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