MacYou may not be aware and you may not have had the pleasure of meeting him, but Rudolf Maciejkowicz (a.k.a. Mighty Mac, our Design & Technology Technician) is retiring this summer after 17 years at Canon Slade. Mac has not only been an integral part of the D&T department, helping with the preparation of lessons and assisting pupils with their project work, but he has continually worked outside his capacity of D&T technician, helping staff and pupils across the school, from fixing spectacles to gluing shoes back together; there are too numerous to mention. So if your son or daughter ever arrived home with a good dollop of ‘evostick’ holding a shoe together, Mac is the man to thank … or blame!

Mac’s role within the department changed enormously over the 17 years as the subject embraced more and more technological developments to prepare students for the modern world – learning how to use the 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, pic control – to name but a few. Each time Mac met the challenge; always keen to learn new skills for the benefit of the staff and pupils.

As he likes to recount, Mac’s planned stay at Canon Slade was only meant to be temporary. His original plan was to stay for six months and then to move on. How time flies. 17 years later he has finally decided to execute his plan but not to move on, instead to stand aside and retire.

So, we at Canon Slade, would like to say a meaningful and heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for the pupils to help them succeed; for all the assistance you have provided to the staff within the Design and Technology department and beyond and for all those ‘lengthy’ monologues about your knee operation. If you ever see a retired cyclist or runner in the Belmont district (for now), particularly during term time with a huge smile on his face, spare a thought and a wave; it will almost certainly be Mac. He has helped innumerable pupils, for all of those years, and they most probably didn’t even know it.

Thank you and the very best for your retirement with Brenda.

Some comments:

I would just like to say ‘Thank you!’

Had it not been for you and the other members of the department I would not be where I am today, I specifically remember you staying late to help me with my GCSE project whilst you took a Furby to bits!?! More importantly helping me finish my A-Level sculpture after school had ended,(which is hopefully still hanging in, what was the new chapel).

The foundation you gave me allowed me to excel at university, while others were learning what I already knew, I had more time to focus my energy on other areas.

Resulting in me having now worked for Kingfisher (B&Q) designing a 2016 hand drill, ANOTHER sculpture outside of Coca-Cola HQ in London and now I am lead designer of a large surf company writing this email from a hotel room in Hong Kong!

I am soo grateful! All of my achievements stem from the time and effort you put in when I knew nothing and needed help.

I hope this message finds you in good health and you enjoy your well-earned retirement listening to your great taste in music and competing in your crazy physical endeavors!

Again, Thank you!

Yours Sincerely

Phil Hawthorne
Canon Slade 1998-2005


Mac and Marsh! A formidable technology partnership that saw me through GCSE and A-Level Design.

Whatever obscure ideas we managed to come up with Mac was the man who helped us make it happen (in my case a 6 ft CD rack consisting of mild steel rods and Copper “leaves” set in industrial concrete!!).

The highest compliment I can give to you Mac, is that although I hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement, I’m sorry my son who starts in September won’t also benefit from your help!

All the best,

Matt O’Donnell

’96 – ‘03

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