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You can find copies of the various letters sent to Parents here – should your child inadvertently misplace a printed copy. We keep an archive of older materials with the current intention of preserving one years worth of downloadable copy.

Reading the Letters

Adobe Icon mediumWhen you receive paper copies of our letters via your child, these are created in Microsoft Word and printed out. We cannot guarantee that all parents have a copy of Word to read the document, so we have taken the decision to provide electronic copy of the letters using the Adobe PDF format

It is likely that whatever platform (Windows, Apple, Android etc) you are using to view this site with already has either Adobe Reader or a compatible product already stored on it.

If this is not the case you can follow this link to the Adobe Reader download page to install a copy. It is free, however, we recommend that you read the page carefully and make sure that no box is ‘ticked’ that you do not agree with. Hint – Adobe have recently been automatically ticking a election box on the page agreeing to a download of a McAfee product – you most likely do not want to be downloading and installing this product by accident. JustĀ  click the suggested box again to de-select it before proceeding.



Copies of Letters Home

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