Notes from a Visit by Lancaster Medical School to the Year 12 Medsoc group to explain the route into medicine.

This is a summary of the talk produced by one of the students.

There are 33 UK Medical schools offering about a 1000 places
Choose based on reputation/status
Look at the requirements (A levels, UKCAT, BMAT)
Visit the medical schools that you are interested in on their Open Days

There are 3 styles of teaching

1. Traditional teaching
* 1 + 2 years in university (lectures)
* 3 + 5 years clinical placement
2. Problem based
* Self-directed learning
* Early clinical exposure
3. Integrated Curricula
* A mixture of both

Other important things to consider-
Location/Accommodation/Campus/Extra activities availability

Lancaster teaches using the PBL style of course
It offers 54 places per year
Second year – 3 days – hospital/GP
The course includes modules covering-Biomed, sociology, health psychology, communication, clinical, ethics, public skills, good patient care

Third year onwards – entirely clinical (on placements)

It is important to develop excellent communication skills ….

  • Practice with peers
  • Discussion
  • Role Play
  • Simulated patients
  • Constructed feedback

Requirement. Lancaster is looking for….

  • Motivated/Conscientious
  • Values
  • Insightful (admit to mistakes)
  • Academically able

Selection is based on

  • Achieved/Target grades
  • BMAT
  • AAA – A*AA
  • GCSE As and Bs

BMAT Register before 1st October Test 2nd November Result 25th November

  • Aptitude and Skills
  • Scientific knowledge
  • Writing task

Personal Statement

  • Work experience
  • Voluntary experience
  • Understanding of NHS values
  • Commitment to society
  • (know about you)


  • Motivation
  • Personal skills
  • Passion for work
  • 12 – 14 stations

all Assessed against criteria

Closing Date – 15th October

You have a 1 in 10 chance of securing a place!

“The Ruskin Library” flickr photo by Christian Cable shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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