At the beginning of July 2017 I was fortunate enough to take part in a four day residential at the University of Dundee, in Scotland. While at the university I took part in a three day course for English Literature, with elements of History and the Humanities. This involved a creative writing session with published author Edward Small, classes on human nature and satire in literature, and many other topics. After the four days, we were given the task of writing an individual essay on the human nature in literature and the influence of a historical event, genre, book or person, and completing a group presentation.

The presentations were given to the whole Gifted and Talented programme, which included courses such as Life Sciences, Anthropology and Social Digital.

The course itself was fantastic, it was run by highly intelligent lecturers, who encouraged intellectual thought and questions. I came away with not only a deepening interest into historical and satirical literature, but also the emails of both Edward Small and an MA student at the university, so I am able to keep in touch about my work.

The staff were wonderfully enthusiastic and the other students were friendly beyond words. As it was open to the whole of UK I now have friends that are scattered all over, including some in Northern Ireland who I am already planning to visit in the coming months.

The atmosphere was inclusive, cohesive and stimulating, and I am more than grateful for the opportunity. I am also very much grateful for the unconditional offer I received from the University for taking part in the course, and would be more than willing to recommend the course to anyone in the coming Year Twelve who is looking to attend Dundee, or university.

by Jessica Oxborrow

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