Pupil Premium Strategy 2018-19


Objectives in 2018-19 Spending

  • Narrow the gap in attainment for pupils eligible for PPG or Y7 CP funding;
  • Increase rates of progress for pupils eligible for PPG or Y7 CP funding;


PPG income and Spending

  • £211,000 PPG funding received
  • £240,000 spent on PPG students


Spending Breakdown

  • Additional Teachers in Maths, English and Science allow for smaller class sizes, plus an additional set at KS4 – £159,000
  • Pastoral mentor per year group – £43,000
  • Free Breakfasts for all current Free School Meals Students (Ever 1 FSM) – £5,000
  • Resources and Trip Support – £4,000
  • One to one tuition – £29,000



2018-19 objectives not achieved. Progress and attainment gap exists between PPG and Non-PPG. Progress gap closed slightly 2017-18 and increased again slightly in 2018-19 (however all school progress reduced overall). Larger progress gap in English grades 5+ compared to maths. Fewer DP students also take and then successfully complete the Ebacc. New approach for targeting DP pupils 2019-20 now adopted. Focused on identifying and breaking barriers to learning on an individualised basis. See 2019 Pupil Premium Strategy 2019 and Beyond.

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