Pupil Premium 2019 and Beyond

Main aim:

To ensure disadvantaged students are placed at the forefront of decision making, to make explicit use of Pupil Premium funding.


Strategic Priority:

To narrow the progress and attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their non-disadvantaged peers and have the opportunity to develop their whole-self.

Summary of Priorities:

  • Raise the profile / awareness of the Pupil Premium (FSM6) Group and understand the specific challenges / risk factors they face within this school;
  • Close the gap in educational outcomes (attainment and progress);
  • Improve Whole School Teaching and Learning and for the PPG cohort ensuring effective pupil voice;
  • Raise Engagement, enjoyment and wellbeing of the PPG cohort;
  • Improve outcomes (progress and achievement) for high achieving DP pupils;
  • Re-design the targeted intervention programme in Year 7, 10 – Y11;
  • Improve the career planning and guidance given to the PPG group and all students to raise engagement and aspirations. Especially focus on the key transitions.
  • Ascertain the levels of involvement of the PPG group in extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies. If required improve the take up-rates. As well as building opportunities for cultural enrichment within and outside of the curriculum;
  • Ensure that current FSM1 Students within the cohort have access to breakfast to enable them to be ready to learn;
  • Mitigate the impact of material poverty.

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