b"Thereafter the Governors will decide between applicants using the following order:2.Children from committed Christian families, based on: HowregularlyandfrequentlythechildattendspublicworshipataChristian Church* How regularly and frequently one parent attends public worship at a Christian Church* The number of years the child's attendance at public worship at a Christian Church has been sustained The number of years the parent's attendance at public worship at a Christian Church has been sustained 3.Childrenwhohaveanoldersibling**attendingtheschoolattheclosingdateof applications for admission, whose older sibling was admitted under the schools faith based admissions criteria. 4.Children who have an older sibling** attending at the closing date of applications for admission,whoseoldersiblingwasnotadmittedundertheschoolsfaithbased admissions criteria. 5.Children of staff at the school where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years, or has been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage. 6.Children eligible for the service premium *** 7.Children eligible for the pupil premium**** 8.Any other children, with priority given to those who live closest to the school*****. * Information will be gathered from parents and the authorised minister to enable the points score to be calculated for each child. The scoring system is set out below. The Governors have defined 'Christian Church' as being any Church in membership of, or sharing the statement of belief (the Basis) of 'Churches Together in England'. A list of members of Churches Together in England can be found at www.churches-together.org.uk** The Governors have defined Sibling as full, step, half, foster and adopted brothers or sisters living at the same address.***TheservicepremiumisadditionalfundingpaidannuallytoschoolsunderSection14ofthe Education Act 2002 for the purposes of supporting the pastoral needs of the children of UK Armed Services personnel****ThepupilpremiumisadditionalfundingpaidannuallytoschoolsunderSection14ofthe Education Act 2002 for the purposes of supporting the attainment of disadvantaged children.*****The distance from the childs normal home front door from the main gate of the school in a straight line, measured on a map, will be used as the determining factor, nearer addresses having priority. The normal home address will be taken to be the home in which the child sleeps for the majority of the school week. Parents may be asked for proof of address. For children of UK Armed Service personnel and other Crown servants returning to the area proof of postingis all that is required."