b"Girls Uniform Skirt or Trousers Black/green pinstripe (only available from schoolsuppliers)-Name tape (Skirt length to be on the knee or 2.00 MAXIMUM above the knee) Blazer-Name tape Dark green school blazer must be worn indoors(No other jacket is permitted) Blouse & Clip on Tie Long or short sleeved white school blouse -Name tape to be worn with a clip on tie Summer Blouse Short sleeved school blouse, white with 'V' neck with school logo (for -Name tape use in Summer Term only) CardiganorPullover Dark green 'V' neck.(optional)-Name tape Black sweatshirt with logo for Year 11 only -Name Tape Shoes Plaintraditional black leather finish with SENSIBLE heels (no trainers, boots, trainer-shoes, or high heeled shoes) No coloured stitching/logo etc.(Please see guidance sheet on footwear) SocksPlain white, black or grey socks or tights Hairwear Hair ribbons, hair slides, combs or grips must be dark green, brown or black Apron for Food Technology(popular plastic type suitable)-Name tape PE KIT Plain white polo shirt with embroidered Canon Slade Badge-Name tape - initials embroidered front rightBottle green skort (combined shorts and skirt) with Canon Slade-Name tape badgeBottle green hockey socks (not emerald green)-Name tape in each White ankle sports socks (summer only)-Name tape in each Swimming costume PLAIN BLACK(one piece)-Name tape in shoulder Towel-Name tape on corner Swimming hat-Named Footwear White gym shoes or white trainers (not boots or Converse) -Name in each for indoor usePlain black trainers or black astro-turf boots for outdoor use- Name in each(rubber bobbles not blades)Shin Pads-Name in each*Astro turf shoes should be predominantly black and the sole should beRUBBER bobbles not bladesOPTIONAL Running spikes- Name in each Black technical training pant -Name tape Mid layer training top-Name tape Base layer-Name tapeOptional items are obtainable by post direct fromPSL Custom Kit, 426 Blackburn Road, Bolton, BL1 8NL Telephone:0800 9994322"