b"Boys Uniform Trousers Traditional material in charcoal grey or black. No skinny fit trousers,-Name tape cords or jeans.Plain black belt, leather/leather look only no fashion beltsBlazer Dark green school blazer must be worn indoors-Name tape (No other jacket is permitted)Shirt & Clip on TiePlain white school shirt with clip on tie-Name tape Long sleeved (or short sleeved with school logo only) (Shirt with school logo may be worn without tie &blazer in the summer term) Pullover Plain grey with 'V' neck.(Optional)-Name tapeBlack sweatshirt with logo for Year 11 only -Name tape Shoes Plain traditional blackleather finish No coloured stitching/logo etc.(No trainers, trainer- shoes, boots or canvas shoes) (Please see guidance sheet on footwear).Socks Plain white, grey or black.Apron for Food Technology (popular plastic type suitable)-Name tapePE KITYellow and green football shirt -Name tape on outside of shirt on left-side of chest (obtainable from school stockists) (heart side) One pair of bottle green shorts -Name tape on front of leg of shorts White Canon Slade Polo Shirt-Name tape on outside of shirt on left-side of chest (heart side) Bottle green football socks and white sports socks-Name tape(showing on the front of each sock when it is turned over) Plain black Swimming trunks or jammers (not baggy swim shorts)-As for shorts, name tape on left leg Towel-Name tape on corner Footwear White gym shoes or trainers for indoor use-Name in each Football boots-Name in each Pair of black astro-turf trainers for outdoor use*-Name in each Shin Pads-Name in each *Astro-turf shoes should be predominantly black and the sole should be RUBBER bobbles not bladesOPTIONALRunning spikes-Name in each Tracksuit bottoms-black (obtainable from PSL Custom Kit)-Name tape Mid layer training top - black(obtainable from PSL Custom Kit)-Name tape Base layer training top-Name tapeAll pupils should bring full PE kit to every lesson even if they have a note to be excused from PE for medical reasons as they can participate in other ways such as coach, official or referee."