b'School UniformTheschoolhasadoptedauniformasanPupils must never wear an outer coat instead of outward demonstration of the high standardsblazer/pullover. ofpersonalbehaviourandcommitmentwe demand of everyone.It is expected that allWhilst we have no desire to curb individuality, pupils will wear it with pride and behave inwe do not expect to see extremes* of hairstyle such a way as to bring honour to the schoolinschool.Hairspray/gelhasprovedtobe whilst in uniform.dangerouswhenworkinginlaboratoriesand should not be worn in school. All garments and footwear must be plain.The school ID badge must be carried at all timesSMARTwatchesthatcansendtext and must not be defaced in any way.No othermessages/receivecalls willnotbeallowed.A badges must be worn in school except markswrist watch will be allowed.Bracelets, earrings, of achievement.rings and necklaces constitute a safety hazard and are not allowed. The outer coat or anorak, and scarf may be any colour, but without slogans or pictures*.AnyMake-upwhich(mustbelightlyapplied*)is makers motif should be small enough to bepermitted only from Year 11. covered by the equivalent of a credit card. Denimcoatsandtracksuittopsarenot permitted.School Uniform SuppliersHarrisonsMurrays Family Whittakers SchoolwearSmart Clothing 467a Blackburn RoadClothing106 DeansgateShop Units 5,6 & 7Astley Bridge26 Bridge StreetBoltonBolton Market Complex BoltonRamsbottomBL1 1BDBlackhorse Street BL1 8NNBL0 9AQ01204 389485BoltonBL1 1SY 01204 30738201706 28181201204 392610 *If any parent is unsure of the interpretation of any of the above they are advised to check with school before purchasing the item, or allowing their child to come to school inappropriately presented.The school reserves the right to make the final and definitive interpretation on any matter of dress or presentation.'