b'the accident occurs.Pupils who are sick should report To And From School:to the First Aid room (with the written permission of their teacher). The school reserves the right to respond to indiscipline and to any behaviour likely to bring the good name of the school7.Theschooluniformmustbeworncorrectlybyall into disrepute. pupils in Years 7-11.8.No jewellery, except a wrist watch, is to be worn to 1.Youshouldqueueupforyourbusinanorderly manner,andwhenboardinghavecareandschool. Pupils in Years 7-10 are not permitted to wear considerationforothers.Onlyboardasdirected.make-up. NEVER climb under or over the barriers.9.Pupils in Years 7-11 must carry their school ID badge withthemwheninschool.SixthFormmustbe 2.Pedestrians should use the pavements when leaving the school grounds.clearly wearing their ID badge whenever they are on the premises. 3.If crossing the main road, you should do so carefully using the supervised crossing point, or the pelican10.It is forbidden to publish any school-related images crossing wherever possible.which might undermine the schools reputation or publish any written information which damages the 4.You may only use the main entrance/exit, e.g. notschools good name on any web site or in any other Oaks Lane.media form.5.When travelling on public transport always be polite,11.Pupils (other than 6 thformers) must not leave the co-operative,well-manneredandbehaveinaschool premises during the day without permission.sensible way, remain seated until its time to get off. Signing out procedures must be followed. Pupils must not smoke on the buses. 12.Registrations are formal occasions and pupils must 6.When walking to or from school make sure that youconduct themselves accordingly.do not block the progress of other pedestrians.13.Selection for school teams or participation in musical or dramatic activities is a great honour and pupils are General:encouraged to show commitment and loyalty, and1.Smoking is forbidden at ALL TIMES on the school site.give appropriate priority to such activities. Cigarettes,anyformofsmokingdevice, 14.If the fire alarm sounds at any time, pupils should matches/lightersandalcoholmustNEVERbeimmediately follow the set procedures for vacating brought to school; neither should any other bannedthebuildingandshouldassembleinsilence,in or illegal items e.g. knives. Smoking is forbidden at allstraightlinesandinformorderatthedesignated times during the school day (on or off the site) andassembly point. on journeys to and from school.15.TheSchoolusesavarietyofsanctionsas 2.Caffeine energy drinks eg Monster, Red Bull, mustconsequencestoinfringementsinthiscodeof not be brought into school.conduct.These are to be found in the Behaviour and3.Mobile telephones, personal music players and otherDiscipline Policy. similardevicesarenotpermitted.Theymustbe 16.Pupils wishing to be served at the canteen must have switched off and not seen or heard whenever you aretheir ID badge with them.Any pupil without a badge on the school site. Any such devices seen or heard inwill only be allowed to be served after 1.10 pm when the building will be confiscated.all other students have been served. 4.Valuables and large sums of money should not be brought to school. If you do choose to bring such17.Studentstakingexternalexaminationsmusthave thingstoschoole.g.mobilephone,youaretheir ID badge on the desk in the examination room responsible for them at all times, and the school willso they can be positively identified. take no responsibility for loss.5.If a ball is accidentally kicked or thrown on a roof pupils must not climb on the roof but should contactCode Revised July 2019 the office.6.Pupils should report all accidents occurring on the school premises to a member of staff immediately'