b'CODE OF CONDUCTIn Class:7.Pupils are encouraged to eat their meals in the Dining Room.Any litter MUST be put in the bin.You should The classroom is a place of learning in which pupils andconduct yourself properly in the Dining Room, making teachers aim to produce the highest standards of work.every effort to keep it clean and tidy.You should co-operatewiththecateringstaffandfollowtheir 1.You should arrive at your lesson on time. instructionswithoutargument.Pupilsmaytake 2.Always bring the required books, including homeworksnacks outside to eat, but must dispose of their litter diaries, and equipment to lessons.in the appropriate bins.3.Ifthereisagroupalreadyintheclassroom,stand8.Pupils must not have high caffeine drinks in school quietly outside avoiding blocking the door or corridor,e.g. Monster, Red Bull. until instructed to enter by an adult. 9. Pupils must co-operate with all staff, teaching and 4.Ifyouarenormallyallowedtoentertheclassroomsupport,andfollowtheirinstructionswithout before the teacher has arrived, find yourself a place, sitargument.Pupilsmustalsorespecttheauthority on a chair and be prepared to start working as soon asgiven to prefects, who must be treated with the same possible.Stand when the class teacher enters at therespect as adult staff. beginning of the lesson. 10.No mobile phones, personal music players or other 5.You should stand if a special visitor or senior membersimilar devices are to be seen or heard on the school of staff comes to your classroom, unless you are toldsite. otherwise. During Wet Weather: 6.Exercise books, text books, wall displays, all furniture, fittings and equipment are to be treated with care andSit quietly in the classroom which is your wet room (for respect, and are not to be defaced or damaged in anyYears 7 to 11).Sixth Form students use Ashworth House. way. NB:At the end of a wet break or lunchtime all rooms7.You must not eat or chew in class at any time. You areshould be left clean and tidy: any litter picked up, allowed to use bottled water except in science labs,chairsandtables(ifmovedforanyreason) computerandtechnologyroomsunlessotherwisereturned to their proper positions.Each form will directed by a member of staff.be held responsible for any untidiness or damage in the room it uses and will be required to put any 8.Pupils should not leave these rooms during the lessonsuch matter right, while disciplinary action will be unless absolutely necessary,and then only with thetaken against individual irresponsible behaviour. permission of the teacher. Outside The Building 9.At the end of each lesson the classroom should be left neat and tidy.1.Youshould(ifnecessary)queueupinanorderly manner when entering and leaving any building. 10.Theclassmustleaveunderthesupervisionofthe teacher and go out quietly and with care.2.You must help to keep the school clean by putting your own litter in the bins provided and by picking up Inside The Building:any other litter you see around the site.Movementaroundschoolhastobesafeandefficient.3.You should look after the buildings and not cause Attentionshouldbegiventopotentialproblemareas:any damage to fixtures or fittings. narrow corridors, stairs and main doorways to buildings. 4.When moving around the school site you should keep 1.Keep to the left.to the footpaths and marked walkways.2.Walk in a quiet, orderly manner.5.Areas out of bounds are marked on the map out of bounds and include: 3.Keep corridors clear enough to allow free movement.(i)therailwaybridge,thelevelcrossingandthe land beyond the railway4.Bags must be carried with due care and consideration for others.(ii) theperimeterofthesitetoaminimumof3 metres, and any wooded areas5.Youmustbecourteoustootherswhenusingthe(iii)the areas around the pond and the Oaks Lane corridors, and hold doors open for those behind you.side of C, D and A blocks.6.In fine weather, at break or lunchtime, pupils should be outside.PupilsmaynotentertheStaffRoom,Gymnasium, SwimmingPool,SportsHall,Laboratories,Technology Rooms,StageAreaorKitchenunlessunderthedirect supervision of a member of staff.'