b"Canon Slade Health CareWe have in school our own full-time qualified first-aider, Mrs V Jones, who is based in our First-Aid room and deals daily with pupils who have had an accident, or have become unwell at school.She will either apply appropriate first-aid, or will make contact with home (or in extreme need, with the ambulance service as well) by telephone. On occasion, a pupil may request medication for pain relief.If it is felt to be appropriate, it willbepossibletoprovideparacetamolonconditionthatparentshavegivenwritten permission. Parents are asked to ensure that we have accurate and current information by which to be able to contact them or a near neighbour/relative (by telephone) should their child become ill or have an accident at school. Ifitprovesto be necessaryforachildtogo homethen parentswill beaskedtomake appropriate arrangements, recognising that it is normally just not possible for the school to make such a provision (although we are happy to organise a Taxi with 'payment on delivery').Pupilsarealso,ofcourse,inthecareofCommunityHealthcareBoltonNHSTrust. Immunisation and advice are arranged.The School Nursing Team can be contacted at Castle Hill Health Centre (Tel: 01204 463563) if you have any queries about your child's health."