b"GIFTED AND TALENTED PROVISION Canon Slade School is pleased to be a comprehensive school with students who have a full range of abilities and talents. It matters to us greatly that each is treated as an individual and enabled to thrive academically, personally and socially, and spiritually.Eachsubjectensuresthatitsworkisdifferentiated,sothatthereisplentyofstretchand challenge in each year for able students. There is an emphasis on individual research projects as a key component of homework, and both the schools library and our Moodle site have plenty of broad-ranging material for students to explore. We offer second languages, including Latin. There is much provision in the Sixth Form as well, with links to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities, in an extensive programme co-ordinated by Mrs Teasdale.BOLTON CHILDRENS UNIVERSITYWe are delighted to be the official lead institution for the Bolton Children's University. The Children'sUniversityisaninternationalinitiativethataimsto promoteandcelebrate participation in quality extra-curricular learning for young people between the ages of 5 and 14.Young people can receive credit in a Children's University Passport to Learning every time they attend an extra-curricular club or activity. ChildrensUniversitymembershipwhichincludesthePassporttoLearningisavailableto purchase for just 3.50 in school.At the end of the school year pupils are awarded certificates based upon the number of hours ofextra-curricularlearningtheyhavebeeninvolvedin.Thecertificatesarepresentedina special cap and gown ceremony at the University of Bolton.All of the extra-curricular clubs and activities at Canon Slade School are validated Children's University learning destinations. There are also several organisations and venues in and around the town of Bolton where students can gain credit in their passports. They include: Bolton Lads andGirlsClub,TheOctagonTheatre,DawnDawson'sDanceAcademy,BoltonandBury Football League, Bolton Library and Museum, The Frances Bleasdale School of Dance, Bolton"