b'TRIPS A detailed calendar of school events and meetings is sent to parents at the beginning of the new school year.We felt that it would be of help to give some indication of the kind of opportunities which we currently offer and hope to be able to continue to operate for pupils, but which are quite costly, and so may well need some advance financial planning!We would like to stress that all of these are optional extras and there is no pressure at all on pupils to participate.Obviously there can be no guarantee that all or any of the following will always be offered in the future, and new ones may be added. The Modern Foreign Languages department offers a range of trips.The opportunities differ from year to year but have included exchange visits to Riom, Neustadt and Mlaga, Culture and Language trips to Paris and Barcelona and a Christmas Markets trip to Aachen.There is no better way to improve your language skills than a visit to the country itself.Classics offers biennial foreign visits to Italy or Greece.Years 10-13 Classical Civilisation groups are sometimes taken on Theatre trips to see plays studied as part of the course. The History Department has offered visits to Belgium (World War One Battlefields), Berlin, Prague (Nazi Historical Sites and Museums), Normandy (World War Two sites and the Bayeaux Tapestry), Washington, New York and Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg).The Art, English, Drama, and Music Departments organise a wide variety of theatre, gallery and concert visits throughout the year. The Geography Department provides a variety of field-work opportunities which often includes visits to the Lake District, Ainsdale and Malham. The Geology Department - Field work is an essential part of Geology and both day trips and residential trips are taken to Anglesey, The Lake District, Clitheroe and local sites.Foreign Travel and Passports Staff have occasionally experienced a range of difficulties relating to the group passport.There may, therefore, be some school visits organised that require pupils to have their own passports.If your child does not already have one, you may wish to consider obtaining one.'