b'THE LIBRARY AND PRIVATE STUDY Our chartered librarian, Mrs J Cairns, assisted by our clerical assistant, Mrs A Walkden, and a team of pupil librarians staff the School Library.The Library has a stock of approximately 15,700 books both fiction and non-fiction, video and DVD collection and a Careers Library.TheseparateA-levelcollectionofbooksis housed in the study room.A photocopier is available for staff and pupil use.The library is staffed and open throughout the school day, when pupils may borrow books and other resources for up to two weeks.All Year 7 pupils take part in a programme of library lessons throughout the year to develop information handling skills and to encourage good reading habits.Pupils willparticipateintheAcceleratedReaderSchemetohelp themdeveloptheirreadingskillswhichwillsupporttheir literacy across the curriculum.There is a computer suite and laptops with internet access in the library for students to use during the school day, including break and lunch time.'