b'Theschoolendeavourstoensureallpupilshavetheopportunitytoparticipatein enrichment activities, e.g. by providing specialist transport for educational visits that allows childrenwithadisabilitytotravelwiththeirpeersratherthaninisolationwhenever reasonable. Support workers can be deployed to support individuals in accessing after school activities. The curriculum is adapted to endeavour to meet the needs of the individual child such that theexperiencesprovidedareappropriatetothedevelopmentalstage,wheneverthisis reasonable. The setting up of the Sensory Support facility for pupils with visual and hearing impairments. FurtherremodellingoftheDepartmentfromSeptember2014hasprovidedevenmore small group support to pupils who struggle with literacy and numeracyapproximately 100 extrahoursofsmallgroupwork.Fordetailedinformationofwhattheschoolcan offer please visit our website http://www.canon-slade.bolton.sch.uk/send-school-offer/Summary of the Accessibility PlanThe school has set the following long term aims for accessibility at Canon Slade School: To make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of all children and families who choose to come to Canon Slade School. To provide a curriculum that enables all children to access learning appropriate to the needs of the pupils, whenever this is reasonable. Toensureallparents,carersandpupilsare able to access information that enables them to make informed judgements and contribute to the effectiveness of the school.A copy of the schools current Accessibility Plan is available on request.The Single Equality SchemeThe School actively promotes equality on race, gender and disability.The school aims to: Eliminate unlawful racial, disability or gender discrimination and harassment; Promote equal opportunities; and Promotepositiveattitudestowardsandbetweendisabledpersons,personsofdifferent racial groups and genders.A copy of the Schools current Single Equality Scheme is available on request.'