b'STUDENT VOICESchool Prefects The school has a team of student officers who have an important role to play in the day to day running of the school and they provide invaluable assistance to members of staff, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, the Senior Deputies and their team of Deputies. Student Leadership We believe that post 16 students should take a lead in developing their school for the better and in so doing, they will acquire greater confidence and skills in leadership that prepare them for University or other routes post 18. To facilitate this we have post 16 students leading the Student Action Teams. These teams cover areas such as Worship, Catering, Charities, Ecology, Welcome andFriendship,FairTrade,TeachingandLearning,SportsandInternationaldevelopments. Alongside the sixth form societies, these action teams allow students to grow in their leadership skills. Student VoiceWe believe that pupils should take responsibility both in and for their school.The purpose of the Year Group Council is to communicate pupil views to the staff of that Year Group and to support the staff of that Year Group in running the Year Group.They also advise on matters of teaching and learning, as well as social issues.Post 16, there is a Sixth Form Council which is comprised of two representatives from each Tutor Group in the sixth form. This is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl and considers matters relating to the post 16 provision in the school.Inaddition tothis, thereisaWholeSchoolCouncil.Each YearGroup in themainschool puts forwardfourrepresentativesforthiscouncil.TheSixthFormCouncilputsforwardtwo representatives in each post 16 year group to represent their views.School Council meetings are conducted in a formal manner, with an agenda and minutes, (it is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl), enabling pupils to engage in proper and constructive debate and to consider matters pertaining to the running of their school.While not every suggestion will necessarily be acted upon, the Head is committed to listening to, and taking seriously, matters raised by the School Council. Our experience is that pupils treat their Councils with proper seriousness; they act very responsibly and value the opportunity they have of being involved in this very special way in the life of their school. Each form has two form captains, and these change each year, giving a number of students the chance to lead and to represent.All the form captains meet as the Year Council with their Head of Year.'