b'SEX AND RELATIONSHIP EDUCATIONWefollowthemostrecentGovernmentguidelinesassetoutinDFEE2000(Sexand Relationship Education Guidance 0116/2000).New guidance is being published for use from September 2020.This will be adopted when it is available.At Canon Slade School we promote:lifelonglearningaboutphysical,moralandemotionaldevelopment.Itisaboutthe understandingoftheimportanceofmarriageforfamilylife,stableandloving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality, and sexual health. We believe in dealing with matters of sexuality and relationships in a full and balanced manner. As in all elements of the curriculum, these matters are dealt with within the framework of our Christian values. The centrality of Christian marriage and family relationships is at the core of our teaching, whilstrecognisingthattherearearangeofsexualorientations,lifestylesand partnerships.WhendealingwithmattersofsexualityandrelationshipstheChristian imperative for respecting all people and affording them dignity is emphasised. The school operates an inclusive Single Equality policy.The school aims to provide a programme of Sex Education within the broader aspects of Health Education. The programme is intended to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilitiesandexperiencesofadultsexuallife.Itseekstodevelopanawareness which will enable students to take well informed decisions relating to healthy lifestyles, thereby taking more control of their lives.At Canon Slade School Sex and Relationship Education will focus on specific issues: The attitudes and values associated with developing stable and loving relationships with confidence and sensitivity;The centrality of Christian marriage and family values; Learning to manage emotions and the consequences of choices made on yourselves and others; Learning how to recognise and avoid exploitation and abuse; Learning and understanding about the nature of physical changes; Understanding human sexuality, reproduction, sexual health, emotions and relationships; Learning about contraception and the range and ability of sexual health services; Understanding how to avoid unplanned pregnancy and reduce the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Sex and relationship education is provided by the Pastoral Curriculum, Science and R.S. departments at Canon Slade.'