b'HOMEWORKThe purpose of setting homework is to: 1.provide opportunities for independent work whenever appropriate so that pupils can develop the skills, confidence and motivation to study effectively by themselves; 2.help pupils to recognise the links between good study habits and higher standards of achievement; 3.check that all pupils have understood their classwork; 4.consolidate or extend work previously covered in school, by reinforcing skills and understanding; 5.enable work to be done that is less suited to a classroom lesson; 6.prepare for future lessons and extend existing lesson time; 7.manage particular demands, e.g. GCSE coursework; 8.sustain the involvement of parents in the management of pupils learning, and keep them informed about their childs work.Homework tasks may include: answering questions; writing or drafting essays and reports; investigation and research; library work/interviews; reading;designing/drawing/modelling; projects; revision; learning information, e.g. vocabulary; ICT; working in groups to prepare for practical and/or discussion work.On occasions it may not be appropriate for work to be set in a particular subject.This will be at the professional discretion of the teachers.It is the responsibility of the pupil to record homework accurately in diaries, and to show diaries to parents once a week; to ensure that homework is given sufficient time and effort; and to note the time spent on it; to ensure that the work is actually done at home; to ensure that it is their own work; to ensure that it is completed and handed in on time. We ask parents for their support: to uphold the schools homework policy, and reiterate to their children the value ofhomework (particularly as the child gets older); to provide suitable facilities and organisational support as is necessary for the work to be done,or to inform school if such support is problematic; to help to ensure that their children meet deadlines; to provide appropriate help, encouragement and advice, but not to do it for them; to monitor the provision and completion of homework diary, which will be signed weekly; to communicate with the school if they have any concerns about homework.'