b"RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONExcellent RE provision is essential for any Church SchoolThe educational aims of the Religious Studies Department are:to encourage pupils to reflect on human experience and the purpose of life in order to help them in their own personal search for a faith by which to live;toenablepupilstocometounderstandbetterwhatreligionis,itsplaceand significance in human life and to help them to realise what it means to make a religious commitment;toidentifyandcommendthepositivecontributionwhichreligioncanmake towardsrespectforotherpeople'sdifferentviewpointsandtowardsdeveloping caring attitudes.Inthischurchschoolthesyllabustakesparticularaccountoftheuniquestatusand contribution of Christianity in and to our society, as well as having regard to the multi-faith nature of the community in which we live.The work of our school is informed throughout by our commitment to God, with the school communitycontributingtothespiritualandmoralgrowthofpupilsaswellastotheir intellectual and physical development.WeareconfidentthatallparentsofchildrenattendingCanonSladeSchoolarefully supportive of its Christian ethos.Our acts of worship form a daily part of our life together inschool,affordingtimeforreflection,thanksgivingandspiritualgrowth. Similarly, the teaching of Religious Studies to all our pupils is considered to be a central and crucial part of the rounded education we offer.Since parents very deliberately choose to send their children to this Christian School we assumethattheywouldnotwishtowithdrawthemfromReligiousStudiesoractsof Christian worship, as permitted under Section 25 of the 1944 Education Act.Therefore no specific arrangements exist in our school for such withdrawal."