b'CHILD PROTECTIONIt is a guiding principle of the law and child protection procedures that the protection and welfare of the child must always be the first priority.Children and young people have a fundamental right to be protected from harm and a right to expect schools to provide a safe and secure environment.Teachers and other education staff are in a unique position to identify and help abused children.Failure to provide an effective response can have serious consequences for the child.Children are best protected when parents and school work together and so Canon Slade School will inform parents of any concerns about their children (providing it does not compromise their safety) and will help and support them as necessary.Any member of staff who has concerns about a pupils welfare must report these concerns to the Designated Teacher for child protection immediately.Grounds for concern can generally be covered by the following circumstances:A pupil states that abuse has taken place or that s/he feels unsafe A third party or anonymous allegation is received Apupilsappearanceorbehaviourcausessuspicionofabuse(unsatisfactorilyexplained bruises/injuries, signs of distress, marked changes of behaviour)Canon Slade School is committed to playing a full and active part in the multi-agency response to child protection concerns; the relevant policies and procedures, which must be followed by the designated teacher, are published in Boltons Local Safeguarding Board Procedures. If an incident happens outside normal school time or on an out of school activity and neither the designated teacher nor the Headteacher is available, then the member of staff with concerns must contact the most senior member of staff available and/or Social Services as soon as possible.The Designated Teacher for Canon Slade School is Mrs A K Jackson'