b'Section B.TO BE COMPLETED BY CLERGY/CHURCH OFFICER PERSONALLY, NOT BY PARENT/CARER Name of Prospective Pupil:Name of Church: B1.How many weeks per year (up to a maximum of 45) does the Child and Parent/a person with Parental Responsibility attend public worship at least once per week (excluding school assemblies or acts of worship taking place as part of the school day) over each of the past six academic years.We accept Sunday School attendance as church attendance.Attendance at public worship can be on any day of the week.Please insert number in the box, if nil write nil.Attendance whilst child inAttendance whilst child inAttendance whilst child inAttendance whilst child in Year 5Year 4Year 3Year 2 (1 September 2018 to(1 September 2017 to(1 September 2016 to(1 September 2015 to 31 August 2019) 31 August 2018)31 August 2017) 31 August 2016)ChildParentChildParentChildParentChildParent Attendance whilst child inAttendance whilst child in Year 1Reception (1 September 2014 to(1 September 2013 to 31 August 2015) 31 August 2014)ChildParentChildParentI can confirm the above attendance and that this church is in membership of, or shares the statement of belief (the Basis) of Churches Together in England.For clarification on this a list of members of Churches Together in England and The Basis of Churches Together in England can be found at www.cte.org.uk Signed:________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Rector/Vicar/Minister/Parish Priest/Pastor Name (in block capitals please)OR Other Church Officer (e.g. Church Warden, Elder, PCC Secretary, Child Protection Co-ordinator etc.) Please specify_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________________Telephone Number:_____________________________ Email:_____________________________________________________________________________________ (Please Print) Denomination:___________________________________________________________________________________________'