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Cashless Catering Balances


We are again experiencing an issue with the balances shown on our on-line payment system. Each evening only a proportion of the balances are being updated. This matter has been reported to the two service providers involved, who are working to find a solution. The balances at the tills are the correct ones, and the staff will notify your son / daughter when their balance is getting low. It appears that all balances are being transferred accurately on Saturday evening.

If you are able to access the Scopay website on a PC rather than a mobile phone or tablet, in the “Accounts” section you will see “Account Balances”, and below this “Cashless Catering


If you are accessing the site on a mobile device you can still see this information by following these steps. Start the login process on your device – you should get the following pop-up message “As you are on a mobile device, do you want to use the Tucasi mobile site? If you have not yet registered, you should click cancel” Click “Cancel” not “OK” This will then allow you to login to the full website with your usual user name and password, which will show the Last update information. If you click on OK, you are taken to the mobile site which does not display that information.



Online Payements using the Tucasi System

You can now make payments to the school online.

To make an online payment, please click here.

For instructions on how to use the online payment system, please download the document to the right in the download section

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