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Revision Sites

excellent revision material

  bbc bitesize

excellent revision material

excellent revision material

excellent revision material

  orthographic projection

excellent revision material

  graphics terminology

a list of keywords and their meanings


excellent revision material


Presentation skills

  sketching techniques

lots of sketching techniques


Packaging Design

  packaging materials

wikipedia's reference to packaging materials

one-piece papertoys


Designers and Design Agencies

cool design agency

cool design agency

a clean design agency

the coolest graphic designer

architecture and product design

product design agency

sustainable thinking design agency

sequential diagrams


Design Society

  ego design

design discussion site

everything you need to know about designers

the design council

the design museum

  design history

font history

general design magazine


history of graphic designers

free fonts

free fonts

free fonts

  the design line

educational design site

book a designer to come into school

institute of materials, minerals & mining


materials and Design Exchange

a list of designers



what to do with your old mobile phones

  san diego plastics

detailed information on many thermoplastics

  design councils

information on materials by the design council

  design council links

further links on materials

  working with plastic

properties of plastics




Well designed sites

skate and surf clothing

cool graphics

cool graphics

great for typography ideas




Logo design and brand Identity


  coke branding

branding of the coke logo

  logo design source

logo design

history of visual communication


Year 11 major project links

examples of band merchandise

examples of band merchandise

poster designs


Environmental Issues





the design council talking about sustainability?

  performance materials

sustainable plastics

  recycling plastics

statistics on recycling plastics

  waste plastic?

industrial plastic scrap

green issues and products



  guggenheim museum

a design museum

  frank gehry

architect - unusual shaped buildings

  michael graves


  daniel libeskind

designed the imperial war museum




british standards institute (education)

  Designing for the disabled

information on designing products for the disabled

  Designing bicycles

standards relating to bicycle design

  Designing toys

safety requirements for toys

  The choke test

a test to check whether a toy part is too small

A guide for schools and colleges to BS


Graphic illustrators

  jon burgerman

doodle style

  miles donovan

vector graphics


Help with typography

  Typography presentation

a brief look at setting and positioning of type

  Typography basics

typography terminology



printing terminology

printing terminology




active disassembly of products

  sustainability commission

independent watchdog for sustainability


Product Design

lots of links to do with product design

design of the future

car design

how to design the perfect product

industrial design

design challenges

classic mobile designs


School sites

  the royal high school  

Design shops

lots of cool products

classic designs to buy

lots of designer products


Cool sites

cool graphics and products


Design Courses


Open University

design technology course


Design Articles

The rise and rise of 'anti-design'