It has been a fantastic year of reading and Year 7 have read 3,341 books so far with 130,956,128 words read. The competition for the form winner has been close this year and the final results will not be known until the last week of term. The forms competing for this term’s prize are 7L and 7N.

There will also be an overall winner for the year and the competition is between 7L, 7N, 7T.

The final results will be displayed on our library website. Students achieving their personal points
target also receive a certificate and reward.

Details of the Scheme :

Tallies and Scores:

Accelerated Reader Book Finder:

Students excelling in their reading achieve the word millionaire certificate with badge and students reading
twenty one books or more achieve the classic reader. So far this year we have 34 millionaire readers and 21 classic readers!

Certificates are awarded in assembly. This year we have special awards for students achieving two million and three million words.

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