A fabulous Big Book Quiz was held at Canon Slade School on Thursday 22nd March. Five schools attended and St. James High School won the competition with Rivington and Blackrod and St. Joseph’s in second and third place. These teams will go through to the next part of the competition.

Our teams included year 7 students Johnny Walsh, Eddie Scowcroft, Eleanor Riddick, Bethany Urquhart, Chloe Lunn, Ann Jacob, Kate Frank, Karley Murgai and year 8 students Emily Hunt and Grace Brocklebank. The teams scored brilliantly and Mrs Cairns was very proud of their achievement.

A very big thank you to the guest author Gerry Sammon and for sharing words of encouragement to the readers and to the year 12 students Ellie Goddard, Megan Gortan, Thea Lees, Chloe Beirne, Naomi Lodmore, Tom Griffiths, Ethan Smith, Oliver Kippax and Year 11 student Amy Jackson for their performance contribution to the evening.

Thank you also to Mr Stayte aka Quiz master, Mrs Hurst Drama and the markers Miss Musa, Miss Wensley and Mr Cairns.

Team NameSchoolIslandCosmicTotalGraveyardMurderFinal TotalPlacing
Team SladeCanon Slade2793719
SladiansCanon Slade84122620
Everyone's FavouritesHarrop Fold5.51.5705.512.5
The SaintsHarrop Fold2.535.553.514
7O is the way to goHarrop Fold25.57.572.517
Book WondersRBHS86143.5421.5
ExpelliamusSt. James57125.5623.5
Cookie MonstersSt. Joseph's8.54.5133420
Da Book NinjarsSt. Joseph's74.511.54.5521
The Shooting StarsSt. Joseph's64101112
Nocturnal Novel ReadersSt. Joseph's3.5811.54520.5
Shooting Stars Part IISt. Joseph's2462.5210.5

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