At the fair a variety of fiction titles, new book titles, posters and stationery are available for students to buy. There are over 200 titles with prices starting from only £2.99, there’s sure to be a book for everyone.

Students will receive a leaflet with some examples of the variety of books available to purchase and will have the opportunity to visit the book fair during the day through arrangements with class teachers and also individually during break and lunchtimes.

Purchase Gift Vouchers from

Book Fair Gift Vouchers are the simple, secure way to ensure your child gets the books they want when the Book Fair arrives. Even better, you’ll get an extra 20% for free when you buy online – that means you’ll get a £6 voucher for only £5, a £12 voucher for only £10, a £30 voucher for only £25 and so on. Our school will earn Rewards for free books on the full value of the voucher, rather than the discount price. Once a purchase has been made, you will receive the voucher in an email which can be printed and given to your child – much safer to carry than cash! Vouchers can be purchased up until midnight on the day before the collection of the Book Fair.

The library receives a commission on the books sold which helps the library to purchase new books for everyone. If you would like more information about the Book Fair please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Cairns, School Librarian at school. Thank you in advance for purchases and supporting the library.

Mrs J Cairns
School Librarian



Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash


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