It was wonderful to have the author David Goutcher visit Canon Slade School as part of our Book Week on Tuesday 27th February and despite the snow he travelled all the way from Glasgow. Drawing from his experiences, he has created ‘Spy Quest’, an award winning, online interactive game, that replicates the excitement and exhilaration that he found in his real life experiences.

The Polybius Games studio has established itself as a leader in Augmented Reality technology and incorporated it into the fabric of the game story lines. He came to share his story about how he became a writer and enthralled all year 7 and 8 with his book ‘The Cursed Diamond’.

The students commented…

“He was very interesting. I am looking forward to reading SPY QUEST!” Year 8 Max
“Meeting David was really cool. I got to meet a real author of the Spy Quest book and the coolest thing was he was a real spy who worked with MI5.”

Jonathan Year 7

“Meeting David was amazing and so cool. Being able to read a spy book by a detective is amazing and so cool. The first book that you can read and watch the movie gives the book a huge sci-fi twist. To write a book that is a sci-fi undercover thriller is truly amazing.”

Maks Year 8

“I thought that he was cool because he makes books about agents and he made the story come to life so you can read the book and watch the film at the same time!”

Louise Year 7

“He is very cool and his book looks and sound fantastic! “


“David Goutcher’s assembly was very informative and it really came to heart explaining his past life and how his book came to achieve its unique ways of presenting the book, story and parts of the of a movie all at once. The book is presented to me as being a fun action themed adventure on paper. I mostly enjoyed David’s visit and would love him to come again and I can’t wait to read his latest book ‘Spy Quest: the Cursed Diamond’ and am sure others like myself are just waiting to endure the wondrous book.”

Meg Year 7

“The assembly was really interesting. It was very nice to see how the pictures in the book came alive.” Nina Year 7
“I enjoyed hearing about David’s journey of becoming a policeman and a secret agent. I also enjoyed listening and hearing about his adventures.”

Evangeline Year 7


“I think that the author’s book is smart and adventurous. Very good style of book. Can’t wait to read it. “

Benjamin Year 7


David commented, “It was fantastic to see so many children who were enthusiastic about reading. Both year groups sat in assembly quietly during my talk. They engaged with me during and afterwards in the library. Their questions showed that they had taken in the information that I shared and that they wanted to know more about writing and technology. It was a pleasure to deliver my talk at Canon Slade School. “


Mrs Cairns, “It was exciting to listen to David talk about his passion for reading and how he has created a series to engage both boys and girls. His books are available to borrow from the library.”

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