The library held for the first time an open mike Christmas poetry event. Over forty students took part reading poems from our Christmas poem selection and reading their own poem. The students taking part received a special Christmas treat.

“It was great to listen to students reading Christmas poems and it was a fun event.”

Year 7 student

“This is something that we will do again to raise the profile of poetry and also to help students gain confidence reading out loud.”

Mrs Cairns

Christmas Time by Holly Smith Year 7

Christmas is the time for fun and snow,
And at Christmas there’s so many places to go.
Win lots of things at the Christmas school fair,
Maybe even a cuddly teddy-bear.
Christmas with family is the place to be,
And waiting to open presents under the Christmas tree.
Snuggle down with blankets and be very warm with glee,
Christmas is for celebrating with everyone not just me.
Christmas is because Jesus was born in the hay,
But for the presents we shout hip-hip-hooray!
You see all the decorations all in the streets,
And children wait for snow but there’s just sleet.
We all act out the nativity, maybe an angel or a king,
And that’s the joy of Christmas that all the people bring.
Christmas is for celebrating and sharing things with glee,
That’s right it’s for everyone for you and for me!

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