Caroline Lawrence the author of the Roman Mysteries visited Canon Slade School on Monday 27th February.

Our book club students were invited to have a special Q & A lunchtime treat with Caroline.

“We all enjoyed this brilliant experience of having a real life author at our book club. She gave us little tips and hints that book lovers would adore and can use this to flourish their writing. Caroline answered all our questions and explained her answers in detail. The questions included when and where she wrote her books, to how she imagined the characters and personality of characters. Caroline also asked us questions and encouraged us to write once a day and to read lots. We will remember this experience as we have these photos to remember it by and we really enjoyed it. We hope another author can come and meet us again!” said Millie, Levine and Isobel from Year 7.

After lunch Caroline talked to all year 7 students in the chapel about her writing and books published. Caroline has been writing for many years her books are popular with both boys and girls and she enthralled both students and teachers with her knowledge of Ancient Rome and it’s culture. Students had the opportunity to purchase Caroline’s new book titles and have books personally signed. The school library also holds copies of Caroline’s books for students to borrow.

Amy said “What I liked about the author’s visit was that it was interesting how she she planned her stories and what gave her the influence to write her books. It was fascinating to hear that she came over from America to study Latin in London so that she could write her books and get them published.”

Caroline’s visit was a success and meeting a real life author can have a tremendous impact on a young person in their own reading and writing journey.

Mrs. Cairns concluded

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