Year 7 have had a fabulous start to their reading journey in the autumn term and have read and passed quizzes on an amazing 1314 books. This equates to a wonderful 54,851,418 words. Brilliant! This term form winners are 7H reading a total of 157 books and collecting 1064 points. They are the star readers this term and rewarded by a celebration breakfast presented by the Head.

The details of all forms can be viewed on our Canon Slade Library website.

Celebration too for our first Millionaire Readers and Classic Readers. Students are presented with a certificate, reward badge and receive a book of their choice.

All students each term are set a personal reading point’s target to achieve, within the guidelines of reading thirty minutes a day. This is from Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time in school, English ten minutes and fifteen minutes at home every day. Students receive a certificate and credits for achieving their target. One person each term is selected from the 100% club draw to win an Amazon voucher.

Students are expected to read the whole book and to quiz within forty-eight hours of finishing the book. Students can quiz in the library during break, lunchtimes and during library sessions. Students collect points for the books successfully passed and receive rewards and credits.

In January all year 7 students will complete their second star test which will provide reading progress data and the spring term’s point target.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Cairns, School Librarian with any queries regarding Accelerated Reader.

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