The Winner – Thirteen by Tom Hoyle

Niamh Year 7

I really enjoyed the day. It truly is a wonderful thing to take part in. I loved the experience and will certainly be taking part again. Listening to the authors talk was very beneficial as they inspired me to write and read more often.

Alan Gibbons’ talk was extremely amusing and great to listen to. Rebecca Stevens delivered a lot of information throughout her talk therefore it was interesting. Overall the day was a great success and I loved the whole atmosphere.

Junyan Year 7

The Bolton Children’s Fiction Award was amazing! We got to go to Bolton School for the day and found out who won in the afternoon. First we had a talk by Alan Gibbons. He explained why he wrote ‘Hate’ and was really funny, after we had a talk by Rebecca Stevens who had an interesting talk. Afterwards we were able to get our books signed.

The award ceremony was good and Tom Hoyle decided to storm in. All in all it was a good day.

Rebecca Year 1O

I really enjoyed meeting the authors and seeing where the inspiration for their books came from. I also enjoyed the creation of the poems and trailers which could help you to understand the books and learn more without actually reading them. The different writing processes of the authors was also interesting to hear about as some of the authors focused more on research while others focused more on the creative process. All the authors were interesting to meet and I would love to go there again.

Cover shot of Thirteen by Tom Hoyle




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